In 2009 all Golden Shores Condominium Association (GSCA) owners were requested to complete an Emergency Plan Notification Information Form and return it to the Association Manager. This information is highly critical and provides the Association with emergency contact information in case of a crisis situation.  An essential part of the GSCA Emergency Plan is an operating procedure known as “Crisis Notifications”, which is for the benefit of the Association and the Owners.  The information enables the Board to attempt to account for the whereabouts of persons believed to be in, or out of the building at the time of a crisis, as well as to notify owners of crisis situations in a timely manner.  It is very important that everyone notify the Association Manager of any changes in your personal email addresses or telephone numbers.

Click on the links below to see the GSCA Emergency Plan and related forms.

Hurricane/Storm Preparation Check List 2018

2010 Emergency Plan Update

Emergency Plan Part 1 – Broadcast

Emergency Plan Part 1a – Email Broadcast

Emergency Plan Part 2 – Governance

Emergency Plan Part 3 – Voice Data Version 2

GSCA Emergency Information Form

Renters Emergency Information Form

Should you evacuate or stay?